LWE Podcast 113: Rod Modell

“Rod Modell: Ever since I was a child, I was always unhappy with mainstream sounds. As long as I can remember, I hated everything on the radio. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’m a music lover or a music hater. I’m still really not sure, because I can’t stand music that is too musical [or] structured. I think I like listening to sounds better than songs. One well-designed sound can be more emotive than 100 songs. When we hear musical structure, the brain understands it is music and processes it as such, but a good sound bypasses this analytical module of the brain and plugs directly into the psyche. We hear it, but don’t have to listen. So I like to design sounds rather than music. I don’t really view what I do as songs. So because of that, I’m not really too influenced by musicians much. I think I’m more influenced by nature, air, water, and the night sky more than any music. I can go out into the woods at 3:00 AM, and be inspired to record new sounds. I haven’t heard music that inspired me like that in years… “
” …I really don’t see myself as a musician, so I’m not really influenced by music or musicians. When I’m sitting with a bunch of musicians, even electronic musicians in Berlin or whatever, I think, “What the fuck am I doing with these people? We have nothing in common, and really don’t have anything to discuss with these guys.” Probably my least favorite subject to talk about in the universe is synthesizers and studio gear. But if I’m sitting with a sculptor, painter or glass blower, I can talk for hours and feel like I’m in the correct company. I just use audio material to create my art rather than paint or clay. But it’s strange how I feel more a part of this group rather than a group of musicians. Maybe because I went to art school after high school. But I find that my soundscapes are much more interesting when an “arrangement” is influenced by a photograph or statue rather than other recorded media. These sort of non-musical influences are more inspirational to me than any recorded sounds… “
Via LWE.
LWE Podcast 113
01. Brock Van Way, “I Knew Happiness Once” (Intrusion Mix)
[echospace [detroit]]
02. Intrusion, “Reflection” (Atheus Reshape) [echospace [detroit]]
03. Blir, “Untitled” [Raster-Noton]
04. Joel Tammik, “Sume” [U-Cover]
05. Sub Made, “To Be Different” [Koax Records]
06. Koss/Henrikson/Mullaert, “One” [Mule Electronic]
07. Intrusion, “Seduction” [echospace [detroit]]
08. Oliver Deutschmann, “Alfama” [Vidab Records]
09. Quantec “Yage” [Echocord]
10. DeepChord, “Oude Kerk” [Soma Quality Recordings]
11. Mike Huckaby + Pacou, “Echo Mix” [Cache Records]
12. Andy Stott, “Hostile” [Modern Love]
13. Claro Intelecto, “W6″ [Modern Love]
14. DeepChord, “Tangier” [Soma Quality Recordings]
15. Undr-P, “Bicycle Frontal” [Koax Records]
16. Vita, “Porsl” [Force Inc. Music Works]
17. Vasily, “Neuralgia” [Rampe D]
18. Vita, “Amin” [Force Inc. Music Works]
19. Mike Dehnert, “Two” [Fachwerk]
20. Marko Furstenberg, “Rosengarten” [Thinner]
21. Claudia Bonarelli, “Avenue” [Mitek]
22. Claro Intelecto, “Dependant” [Modern Love]
23. Blir, “Untitled” [Raster-Noton]
24. Intrusion, “Tswana Dub” (Brendon Moeller Mix) [echospace [detroit]]
25. Intrusion, “Reflection” (Area Version) [echospace [detroit]]
Amazing mix and one of the most inspiring interviews I read.

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