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Boiler Room / Behind the scenes

Video interview with insights from Boiler Room`s concept. Link via RA

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LWE Podcast 113: Rod Modell

“Rod Modell: Ever since I was a child, I was always unhappy with mainstream sounds. As long as I can remember, I hated everything on the radio. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’m a music lover or a music … Continue reading

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alecsm – inhere podcast 001

An analog experience delivered for my dear friends from Inhere Bucharest as the first podcast from the friendly recording series which will follow.

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Tudor Neve – Sonictee Podcast 001

A joyful and introspective selection at the same time that dates from July 2011 specially delivered for Sonictee by TudorNeve from our Inhere collective.   Brings back July`s sun.

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