Smoke Machine Podcast 028 Abdulla Rashim

Abdulla Rashim [ Abdulla Rashim Records ] Sweden
“With a mythical appearance rooted in the wet Botswana trails, Abdulla Rashim is a modern day mystery. Born and raised in deep hardship, he developed a rare disease that keeps the mind in a constant state of fever and confusion. With his senses and body maturing, he became a burden to his tribe, and as a result, he was cast out at the age of 15.
…Deeply enraged and frustrated due the constant state of permanent psychosis, the young Abdulla roamed the nearby tribes in search for a cure to his state. After many failed attempts of healing, he finally seeked help in the tribe of Bangwato, where a local witchdoctor tried to exorcise his demons by scalping his head. During his convalescence, Abdulla could not be seen nor heard by anyone, and at the age of 17, he was declared dead. 23 years later, Abdulla was seen by locals setting up a studio in Botswana, apparently having found a cure in the hypnosis of the ”4/4″.

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