Andy Stott – Passed Me By

Considering his first release at Daphne (sub-label for Modern Love) with his alias Andrea, I for one became aware of Andy Stott`s submerged intelligent sounds at that exact moment in time. It was the collaboration with Millie ( Miles Whittaker also member of Demdike Stare and Pendle Coven ) that got my attention to the point of being fascinated by the huge impact that techno had on early, good quality, skeletal, 30hz below, sub-bassed dubstep.
“Passed Me By”, also named as the track that I favoured the most is a direction that I could expect the least, a sort of spaced out basic channel somewhere around 100-110 bpm with emerging echoes from his inner self I would say.
SonicRouter did a cool interview.
” …So what I’ve learned from doing the slower stuff is to have just a few elements and make them work, just keep the attention on what you want rather than just putting sounds in to fill the gaps. Nothing clever, nothing fancy, just straightforward… “
Also, I found it worth posting, some tracks that influenced me the most.


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