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BenUFO |Hessle Audio| & Ikonika |Hyperdub| /w Tone |Basics/| & Aeromaschine @ Palatul Universul

Ben UFO, Ben for friends, Dj and co-founder of the UK based label Hessle Audio alongside producers such as Pangaea and Ramadanman who brought a lot of diversity into the bass music scene, especially dubstep with their techno infused sound, … Continue reading

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a – The goose that got away b – Tinderbox

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Incredible photos by photographer Kim Høltermand

Different perspectives of art combined with complex Geometry. I find them at least inspiring. &more

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Free .mp3 from Scuba’s old HDD :)

Hah, just got a tweet from Scuba giving away, most likely, an old production of his found by an unfortunate events of mouse button clicks i suppose. Anyway, nothing to get excited for :). Worth posting though. GET

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Relish Rec. / January mix for Inhere

Being |in|here, on earth, it’s an unusual paradox for our Bucharest based spinner Relish Rec. ( Dudu ). Usually spaced out, this guy delivers massive amounts of echoes and chords as we are about to experience below.

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Partikalt / Cut session for Inhere

As the artist says: The mix captures the imagination by using different rhythms that aim to challenge the psychdelic sounds – placing them into a more spatial place and in a new & complex order while listening to the deep … Continue reading

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Maqio’s Inherent mix for

INHERE Inherent mix for by Maqiio Lovely mix from Bucharest’s based producer Tudor (Maqio). An unique atmosphere in a sort of a laidback selection with tiny bits of physical energy. Mostly, mental ! INHERE ! Maqio speaking: Pentru mixul … Continue reading

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